If you are looking to improve your health, or to adopt new practices that could offer promising results for you later in life, one of the best ways to stay informed about the best health practices is to follow new health studies. Dr. Naram, the master healer, often follows these studies himself so that he can share the promising new results with his patients and followers, hoping to help these individuals pursue healthier lifestyles.

One recent study that Dr. Naram has been eager to share with his patients is a study linking physical fitness to mental sharpness in older adults.  The study reviewed the exercise habits of 39 adults who were over the age of 50, analyzing not only the types of exercise that these individuals were engaging in but also the frequency of the exercise, and how long each workout lasted. The team not only analyzed the exercise habits of these participants, but they also studied the mental sharpness and cognitive function of these individuals, testing areas like the participants’ memories and attention spans. The study revealed that there was a positive relationship between at least 45 minutes of exercise and these cognitive areas in at least 36 of the adults who participated. These promising results prompted the researchers to suggest more studies be conducted on the connection between mental sharpness and physical exercise.

Like with many of the studies Dr. Naram reviews, he shares this study today to motivate his patients and readers, and to show them the possibilities of adopting good habits. Exercise has so many health benefits, and many people know that regular exercise can help them stay physically fit. However, the possible bonus of increased mental sharpness even in an individual’s twilight years is an event greater reason to make a habit of working out. Even if an individual gets on the treadmill or goes for a bike ride a few times a week, they may be able to see the same benefits found in this study in their own daily lives.

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